Be Ye Pirate, Wench Or Fair Lady:

“Relive A Part Of History Marked By Regal Etiquette, Grand Wealth And Elegant Dress As You Adorn A Women’s Renaissance Costume.”

The Renaissance is a period epitomized by elegance. Clothing then, as now, was a “status” symbol.  So as you can imagine, wealthy women often spent a majority of their money on the latest Renaissance clothing. In fact, they drove Renaissance fashion trends because they were the only ones who could afford designer prices.

Although Renaissance clothing was meant to distinguish the social rank of people, this was often confused by what was “in fashion” at the time. As long as your clothing was “hot,” your social status didn’t matter.  So grab hold of one of these women Renaissance costumes, and take a trip back in time in full Renaissance dress to become a fair maiden, princess or anything in between.

Fair Maiden’s Dress

Fair Maiden’s Renaissance Dress

Fair Maiden’s Dress

If you’re new to women Renaissance costumes, the Fair Maiden’s Dress is a perfect starter. This dress will fit in nicely at your next Halloween party, costume party or faire. This colorful 16th century styled dress features coordinating front trim and re-enforced boning in the front bodice for extra strong tight lacing.

The Fair Maiden’s costume comes in three colors: blue, green and red. It pairs nicely with the Celtic Chemise (sold separately).  The dress is very lightweight so you’ll be ready for hot faire days.  And better yet, it’s currently 20% off at Tudor Dressing. So what are you waiting for? The next renaissance dress costume?

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Berengaria Gown

Berengaria Gown

Berengaria Gown

If you tend to prefer royalty, then the Berengaria Gown is the Renaissance dress for you. This sumptuous gown was named after Spanish Princess Berengaria of Navarre (1163-1230) who became Queen of England after her marriage to Richard the Lionheart in 1191. It seems that Princess was chosen by the king’s mother, Eleanor of Aquitaine, as a suitable bride for the young monarch.

You will feel like royalty in this gorgeous gown of cotton velvet in a rich burgundy red.The full gown’s sleeves and godet set into the front of the skirt are dressed with rich gold material, which will shimmer with every step you take. Both the sleeves and waistline are accented with a trim of hand-sewn bead work, making this one of the most beautiful period gowns you’ll ever wear.

Avon Jupon Renaissance Costume

Avon Jupon Renaissance Collection Adult

Avon Jupon Dress

The Avon Jupon design originated in Northern France, near an area known as Flanders in the early 1500s. This dress works regardless of your size as it has lacing on each side of the bodice that can be adjusted after a hearty feast. Additional laces from the wrist to elbow provide a snug fit. The detachable sleeves allow a more casual look and can be easily interchanged with other colors in the same style to expand the look.

The Avon Jupon dress is designed to be worn with a classic chemise (not included). It is made of luxurious cotton velveteen and is fully lined in satin. It also cinches the waist and provides a lift for the bosom, eliminating the need for a bra. This is a quality gown that is flattering to your figure, providing a fabulous look!

Country Maid Skirt With Bodice

Country Maid Renaissance Dress

Country Maid Outfit

The Country maid outfit was a very popular look worn by Fair Maidens, Peasants and Wench’s alike. The bodice and skirt are one piece and are made of durable 100% cotton. The bodice is laced up the front to fit with brass grommets and the full skirt is split down the front to show a modest peek of muslin underdress (sold separately). The back of the dress also has laces which help in getting a perfect fit.

This Renaissance outfit is available in black or green.

Women Renaissance Costumes provide you with an opportunity to transform yourself as a peasant, wench, pirate, fair maiden, royalty and the like from the renaissance era. This is a period during which women’s renaissance dress went from three pieces (underskirt, bodice and robe) to one piece and then back to five or more pieces (skirt, underskirt, bodice, overbodice or vest, hoop and collar).

Although Renaissance costume elements varied, darker colors became popular to show off the embroidery or jewels that were sewn into the clothing. Whatever your choice of design, you’re sure to have a fantastic time for your next Halloween party, wedding or a Renaissance Faire.

When considering your choice of Renaissance dress, it’s important to note that every region had their own style. For example, Italian Renaissance Gowns were elegant and flattering. The fashion of black clothes came from Spain. And, in France, ladies wore gowns that opened in the front which revealed the petticoat by a triangular opening. You can even find historic patterns to recreate the style of your choice.