Anne Boleyn Grand Heritage Collection Adult CostumeAre you looking for a renaissance dress costume that shows your beauty, intelligence, and bravery for this Halloween or an upcoming renaissance faire? Or would you rather wear something secretly provocative and perhaps a little bloody? Either way, the Anne Boleyn costume is for you.

Anne Boleyn was beautiful and brave – a true queen among peasants, but her life (and death) are all about blood. The second wife of King Henry VIII, Anne was the woman that changed the face of religious Europe. She is the reason that Henry denounced the Catholic Church and the Pope, setting himself up as the religious leader of the newly formed Church of England.

As the newfound religious leader, Henry VIII was able to divorce his first wife and marry the beautiful Anne. She must have been quite captivating to inspire such a shift in the devoutly Catholic king. Not only that, but Anne was not nearly highborn enough to qualify to take the place of a queen. Had it not been for her wits, her sensuality, her beauty, and her brains, she would have been just another mistress belonging to just another king.

Anne was not born to be a mistress. She was born to be a queen…like a fairytale come true. Though her reign lasted only shortly over two years, she was the mother to one of the greatest rulers in all of English history, Elizabeth I.

You can realize your own dream of royalty in the brown and olive green Anne Boleyn dress with lace-up bodice and gold trim. A coordinating headpiece is also included to complete a costume that is a crowning achievement in design. Add a renaissance pouch to complete the look.

Renaissance Pouch (Gold)Anne Boleyn was a beautiful woman who changed the face of history by loving a king. As beautiful as she was, Anne’s story didn’t end beautifully. You may remember her from the old phrase used to remember what happened to all six of Henry’s wives, “divorced, beheaded, died, divorced, beheaded, survived.”

Anne was the first wife that Henry had beheaded. Why did Henry have Anne beheaded? Perhaps he was overly jealous because she was so beautiful or perhaps he had already started going crazy (historians believe he had syphilis that caused him to go crazy later in life), but Henry believed that Anne was being unfaithful.

Historians mostly agree that these accusations were unfounded and stemmed more from the fact that Anne had been unable to bear a son and heir to the throne than from the fact that she was unfaithful. Though her beauty won her the crown of England, it cost her the head on which it was placed.

The Anne Boleyn costume is ideal for Halloween, faires, weddings or themed-events. The quality of the gown is exceptional, true to the period, and an excellent match for King Henry VIII or his executioner.

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