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Peasants represented the lowest class during the Renaissance period. They made barely  enough money to take care of themselves and their family. Thus, their clothes were simple  and showed visible signs of wear. Material typically consisted of linen, cotton, wool and  other similar fabrics. A classic example would be the Anastas Peasant Dress.

Made from a linen blend, the Anastas Dress is reminiscent of a peasant dress worn by both  the peasant and free class women during the 12th and 13th centuries. It is an earthtone  red that comes with an attached belt on the waist, which is embellished with black &  golden lace.

Available in sizes small, medium, large and extra large, this dress is designed for  comfort and style. It provides you with that commoner look and feel.

Although this particular peasant dress may be seen as taking some liberties with  historical accuracy, it is nonethless simple enough to pass and creates a much more  attractive look. After all, just because you decide to dress like a peasant doesn’t mean  you have to completely look the part!

The Anastas Dress is a great choice for costume parties or faires. It is generally  less expensive than renaissance gowns worn by royalty during the Renaissance period. It is also a bit easier to move about in and you don’t have to worry about keeping it in  pristine shape. Remember, peasants were easily identified by their tattered clothing. In fact, if it gets soiled or torn, it will only look that much more authentic.

To add to the peasant look, consider braiding your hair or wearing a braided wig. You might also want to wear a biggins cap or other headgear. By doing so, you’ll bring your Anastas Peasant Dress and working class persona to life.

Fortune Teller Elite Collection Adult CostumeFortune tellers and gypsies have captured the interest of people for centuries. There is just something about them that is so magical and mysterious. That is why they are always included in great tales such as Neil Gaiman’s “Stardust” and Victor Hugo’s “The Hunchback of Notre Dame.” And a medieval costume party would not be complete without a gypsy Fortune Teller.

Designed as a peasant-style dress, this elite fortune teller costume features an off-the-shoulder top with delicate lace trim along the cuffs and collar. The attached layered scarves on the skirt provide for an authentic bohemian appearance. A wide belt ties the whole look together.

Available in a variety of sizes from small to adult plus sizes (and reported to run a bit large), this costume also includes a bandana patterned headpiece to accentuate the magical design. The fortune teller costume is comfortable to wear and the vibrant colors will make you the topic of many compliments.

An added plus to dressing as a fortune teller is that you have wide artistic liberties. You can add a gypsy jewelry set that includes a pair of gold hoop earrings and a necklace. The necklace consists of dangling gold coins and a gold hoop at the center, attached to a gold chain.

Next, you’ll want to add a pair of black boots characteristic of gypsy wear. These boots feature a 1” sculpted heel, detailed scalloped trim, and a lace-up top. They are an authentic finishing touch.

Crystal Ball with StandLast, but not least, you’ll need a crystal ball. A good fortune teller never leaves home without one.

The fortune teller costume is well made using deluxe fabrics and superior craftsmanship. The crinoline under the bottom skirt keeps it really full, and the belt will make your waist look nice and small. This is particularly useful for full-figured gals.

If you’re ready to invest in a colorful and bright costume that will withstand many fortune telling sessions, then this fortune teller costume is most definitely for you. The belt and petticoat are very figure flattering. Simply stated, you’ll look amazing!

Wicked Queen Elite Collection Adult CostumeYou spend your day looking at yourself in the mirror asking who is the fairest of them all. You are guilty of plotting to get rid of that goody two shoes pretty girl that everyone likes in the neighborhood. You find yourself looking for potions that you can dip your apple in or any fruit handy so you can poison your “Snow White.” You also cannot help reciting spells while you are cooking soup in the kitchen. It’s now time to call on your loyal subjects or minions while wearing a wicked queen costume.

If you do not want to scare the little kids in the neighborhood, you can say that you are wearing a Renaissance queen costume instead of a wicked queen costume. Whatever you call it, you’ll be able to display that air of elegance that the theatrical quality costume offers. In fact, the entire kingdom will be mesmerized by your beauty as you outwit them with your evil intentions.

The Wicked Queen Costume includes a full-length long sleeved gown with attached peplum and sweeping hem. The costume also includes a petticoat to add volume to the gown. It is advisable to wear a corset to give you that hourglass figure and highlight the silver lace trim along the sweetheart neckline.

The costume comes complete with a sequined crown with jewel accents and a coordinating lace choker. Add some dark make-up and there will be no mistake that you are an evil enchantress.

Evil Royal GobletAvailable in sizes medium, large and extra large, the Wicked Queen Costume is made of superior materials and trimmings along with true garment finishing. Include a wicked royal goblet and you’ll be able to walk around with your own wicked potion to cast spells on those who fail to recognize your rule.

This queen costume is not only suitable for Halloween parties (such as medieval themed parties), but can also be worn to a Renaissance Faire. You will literally feel like royalty and demand the respect of all those around.

So what are you waiting for? Grab a wicked queen costume and finally rule the throne as no one has done before you!

Maid Marian Adult CostumeRobin Hood is one of the greatest tales in the history of literary fiction. Through its “robbing from the rich, giving to the poor” concept, this classic English story has enchanted generations of fairytale enthusiasts around the world. One of the story’s greatest characters is Maid Marian.

Maid Marian is Robin Hood’s beautiful, intelligent, and brave love interest. If you are looking for an interesting and comfortable renaissance dress, you can’t go wrong with the Maid Marian Costume. It makes an ideal in character costume to match your very own Robin Hood.

The Maid Marian Costume comes in the form of a full length light blue velvet gown accented with maroon satin lined sleeves. Moreover, it features an ornate design in the center of the bodice and on the sleeve puffs, glittering gold lace trim along the square neckline and maroon accents on the attached belt. A blue and gold headpiece featuring an iridescent organza veil tops the lavish look of this darling damsel’s dress.

The renaissance dress looks extremely beautiful, regal, and elegant. This in character costume is comfortable and clings in all the right places. But don’t worry, the material stretches just enough so you don’t feel restrained or unable to move about with ease. Some wearers due note, however, that the headpiece runs a bit small.

Robin Hood Adult CostumeAnother reason that makes the Maid Marian dress a great costume is that it can be coupled with a wide variety of other costumes. Families or group of friends who want to be identified together can adopt Robin Hood as their common theme. Parents can dress up like Robin Hood and Maid Marian while their children and their friends can dress up like the Merry Men. The possibilities are just endless.

Out of all the reasons mentioned earlier, probably the best reason why wearing the Maid Marian outfit makes a great choice is because she is such a unique fairytale character. Unlike other prominent fairytale characters like Snow White, Cinderella, and Princes Aurora, Maid Marian is not a damsel in distress always waiting for her prince charming to come.

On the contrary, despite her ladylike ways, Maid Marian is a courageous woman who can be quite a mischievous tomboy who would often flee to the countryside disguised as a man. Or, she could bat a pair of long eyelashes in this stunning renaissance dress to manipulate the best of them. With these diverse traits, dressing in a Maid Marian Costume will surely make you feel empowered and confident.

Celtic Dress (Burgundy) Renaissance Collection Adult CostumeAre you looking for a fresh costume idea for your next renaissance faire? Or maybe you want to be the cool mom of that two-year old “Viking” at your next Halloween event?  Or are you simply one of those women who grab at every opportunity to dress-up in theatrical clothes?  Then, you may want consider wearing a Celtic Costume for Women.

Used by Celtic women during the middle ages, the Celtic Dress is made of heavy, colorful fabric and consists of several layers of differently-textured cloth. The garment is distinctly identified by the signature puffy, long sleeves and equally-voluminous, long skirt usually held together by a thick belt worn at the waist.  The dress is worn with a long, loose undergarment or chemise and a skirt with ruffles sewn-in or a petticoat, as was common during eras when women predominantly wore long dresses.

Are you beginning to wonder how you can come-up with the full Celtic ensemble without spending hours slaving-away at the sewing machine?  Well, the simple answer is that you don’t have to. You can find several reasonably priced options online. One of my favorites is the burgundy celtic dress.

The burgundy celtic dress dramatically enhances your bosom area, with the push-up shaping effect of its front-boned bodice.  You will appreciate the hidden pocket which keeps the four pieces of spring-steel boring in place; and at the same time, supports the front eyeholes.

The costume fabric consists of cotton velveteen, satin and brocade.  The dress is mainly burgundy-colored but you may find that the trim, ribbons and lining vary for each dress.  These differences in detail are exactly what make your Celtic Dress unique and distinctly yours.

Medieval Long Brown Adult WigTo ensure that you successfully complete the Celtic look, you should wear a chemise under the garment and add a ring belt. The Celtic Dress is available in extra-small to extra-large waist-sizes.  However, it is advisable to get a size down from your normal size if you want the fit to be most flattering.

Remember also that during medieval times, women wore their hair long and curly.  If you do not sport that kind of hairstyle but would like to achieve that maximum Celtic woman impact, a long curly wig will do the job for you.  So, if you are eager to be a Renaissance star or simply the envy at your next costume event, what’s stopping you from grabbing a Celtic Costume for Women now?