Celtic Dress (Burgundy) Renaissance Collection Adult CostumeAre you looking for a fresh costume idea for your next renaissance faire? Or maybe you want to be the cool mom of that two-year old “Viking” at your next Halloween event?  Or are you simply one of those women who grab at every opportunity to dress-up in theatrical clothes?  Then, you may want consider wearing a Celtic Costume for Women.

Used by Celtic women during the middle ages, the Celtic Dress is made of heavy, colorful fabric and consists of several layers of differently-textured cloth. The garment is distinctly identified by the signature puffy, long sleeves and equally-voluminous, long skirt usually held together by a thick belt worn at the waist.  The dress is worn with a long, loose undergarment or chemise and a skirt with ruffles sewn-in or a petticoat, as was common during eras when women predominantly wore long dresses.

Are you beginning to wonder how you can come-up with the full Celtic ensemble without spending hours slaving-away at the sewing machine?  Well, the simple answer is that you don’t have to. You can find several reasonably priced options online. One of my favorites is the burgundy celtic dress.

The burgundy celtic dress dramatically enhances your bosom area, with the push-up shaping effect of its front-boned bodice.  You will appreciate the hidden pocket which keeps the four pieces of spring-steel boring in place; and at the same time, supports the front eyeholes.

The costume fabric consists of cotton velveteen, satin and brocade.  The dress is mainly burgundy-colored but you may find that the trim, ribbons and lining vary for each dress.  These differences in detail are exactly what make your Celtic Dress unique and distinctly yours.

Medieval Long Brown Adult WigTo ensure that you successfully complete the Celtic look, you should wear a chemise under the garment and add a ring belt. The Celtic Dress is available in extra-small to extra-large waist-sizes.  However, it is advisable to get a size down from your normal size if you want the fit to be most flattering.

Remember also that during medieval times, women wore their hair long and curly.  If you do not sport that kind of hairstyle but would like to achieve that maximum Celtic woman impact, a long curly wig will do the job for you.  So, if you are eager to be a Renaissance star or simply the envy at your next costume event, what’s stopping you from grabbing a Celtic Costume for Women now?

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