Known as the She-wolf of France, Queen Isabella was notable for her beauty, diplomatic skills and intelligence. She has become a popular “femme fatale” figure in plays and literature over the years, usually portrayed as a beautiful but cruel, manipulative figure. And, the Princess Isabelle Gown was designed in her honor to be worn in the movie Braveheart.

The gorgeous Princess Isabelle Gown is made of cotton crushed velvet and is accented with a rich period-trimmed collar. A matching long belt and soft veil complete the outfit. Just add a crown and the look will be complete.

You will, however, need to assume just the right attitude to truly pull off Queen Isabella’s persona in the Princess Isabelle Gown. Despite the sympathetic portrayal in Bravehart, Queen Isabella is mostly viewed by historians as as beautiful, but manipulative or wicked. She is also portrayed as a very vain egoist with a deep streak of sadism.

But, no need to go overboard on adopting her attitude.  You just need to command respect among your minions and dish out a few orders here and there. After all, she was known to be intoxicated with power. Just make sure to exercise the right mix of charm and diplomacy to  convince those around you to follow your courses of action.

The Isabelle Gown is available in sizes small, medium, large and extra large.  The crushed velvet material will fit comfortably over your curves and provide you with plenty of room to move about.

So, if you’re ready to rule a kingdom for a day, you’ll easily assume the role in a Princess Isabelle Gown.

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