Journe Gown Renaissance Collection AdultHave you always been in awe of the Renaissance period and the rebirth of beauty and artistic self expression?  Or are you one of those women who simply admire the appealing European fashion trends that unraveled during this age of cultural re-awakening?  Who wouldn’t admire the sensuality brought by wearing the corset and those low, square-cut necklines?  Indeed, it was the Renaissance that heralded the now classic empire cut.

If you rarely go to black tie events, then you seldom get the opportunity to wear formal gowns with that striking empire cut.  Yet, you don’t have to be invited to formal gatherings or be in theater to get the chance to dress-up in a gown with a flattering corset.  You can still explore your feminine side by choosing a Renaissance Dress Costume for your next Halloween ball or Renaissance faire in your area.

The Renaissance dress is worn under several layers of clothing, as is distinct of medieval fashion.  During the middle-ages and until the 17th century, women wore “kirtles” underneath the basic gown.  A kirtle is a skirt and a bodice sewn together with large folds falling to the ground from a tight waist.  The kirtle also had large sleeves with deep turned-back cuffs.  Of course, the kirtle had the definitive low, square-cut neckline.

However, beginning in the 18th century, the kirtle lost its heavy folds and tight waist.  Although it remained long, the undergarment became loose and light-weight and called a chemise.  Today, with changes in length and fabric, the chemise persists as a basic woman’s undergarment.  This same chemise will be your required undergarment for a Renaissance Dress Costume.

Starting to doubt if you can pull-off this costume ensemble?  Do not fret. There are ready-made costumes available commercially. Better yet, you can find the Renaissance costume online.  For example, the Journe Gown design is typical of countryside women’s fashion in the Limousin region of France, a province known for its fine porcelain.

The Journe gown is in jewel black with a low-cut neckline and a bodice that serves as a body-forming corset to push-up your bosom and hold-in your tummy.  Consisting of cotton velveteen fabric, the gown is half-lined in satin fabric of various colors with functional, turned-back cuff sleeves that tie-on with ribbons.

Being handmade, the gown is adorned with trim, ribbons and lining that are distinct in every piece.  If you appreciate excellent attention to detail, this undeniably feminine Renaissance Dress Costume is surely for you. Do not waste time.  Order the Journe Gown today; pair it up with a light chemise, and be the Belle of the Ball!

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