Renaissance Lady Adult CostumeWouldn’t you like to be Queen for a day?


You work hard everyday…juggling work, family and life’s little emergencies that  come along. Now’s your opportunity to line up your minions and have them perform  whatever tricks or treats you can dream up on Halloween in your Renaissance Lady  Costume.

During the Renaissance period, the color purple was only to be worn by the Queen.  Therefore, most authentic-looking costumes today are not made with this color  fabric, unless the person wants to dress as royalty. And that would be you.

Sexy Gold Adult ShoesYou’ll turn heads in this stunning Renaissance dress! It includes a purple velvet  gown that laces up the front. The costume comes in both adult and adult plus sizes. It’s all one piece so you don’t have to worry about any extras, except for some gorgeous shoes. And remember ladies, shoes can make or break a costume. But you can’t go wrong with a pair of sexy gold heels.

In the Renaissance Lady Costume, there will be no doubt in ones mind that you hail  from nobility. During the Renaissance period, clothing was a direct indication of  wealth, much in the manner of imported or tailored clothing today.

The cost of clothing was related to the type of fabric and (in the days before  synthetic dyes) the color. Purple dye was extracted by crushing thousands of tiny  sea snails and was very difficult to get. However, there are numerous berries out  there that make purple hued dyes that surely peasants would have worn.

The sumptuary laws stated that no one besides the Queen and her family could wear  purple silk. Therefore, the average person can tell the difference between your  minions and her royal majesty.

Purple was indeed reserved for the Queen herself. And processed fabrics such as  velvet or corduroy as well as satins and other fine weaves made a perfect match for  the color.

So, dress as a noble lady of the Renaissance in this beautiful purple gown! The  Renaissance Lady Costume makes a great period dress for Halloween as well as other  events (Renaissance faires, weddings and costume parties) all year long.

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