Sexy Guinevere Adult CostumeSurpassingly beautiful and desirable, Queen Guinevere was the legendary wife of King  Arthur. Her story is filled with scandal and intrigue, making the Sexy Guinevere  Costume truly reflective of the drama surrounding her life. Plus, it looks good too!

A sexy twist on a classic Renfaire look, the Guinevere costume includes a luxe  raspberry velvet minidress with golden trim and lace-up details. Add a pair of sexy gold heels and you can recreate your own downfall of the kingdom as you get all the  attention from the gentlemen.

And let’s not forget the conversation the Guinevere costume will spark. One of the most  beautiful maidens in Britain, Guinevere is usually depicted as meeting King Arthur  after he helped expel King Ryons from her father’s kingdom. Naturally he fell in  love with her at once and the two married soon afterward. They were given the Round  Table as a wedding present by her father.

Sexy Gold Adult ShoesIn tales and folklore, Queen Guinevere was said to have had a passionate love affair  with Arthur’s chief knight Sir Lancelot and yet banished him twice when she thought  he had been deliberately unfaithful to her. Although Guinevere was sentenced to  burning at the stake because of the affair, it is reported that Sir Lancelot saved  his lover from this ominous fate.

Guinevere’s and Lancelot’s alleged betrayal of Arthur was often considered as having  led to the downfall of the kingdom.

And you thought our modern day scandals were a hot mess….Queen Guinevere’s  transgression may be treated with various degrees of sympathy, or it may take a form  other than adultery or lust, but it may not be omitted.

There are several variations as to how Queen Guinevere led her final days. From  living in a nunnery to being torn to pieces by dogs, there’s no lack of controversy  surrounding this historical icon, who you can represent in a sexy Renaissance  costume.

With a story like that, who wouldn’t want to wear the sexy Guinevere costume? You’ll  certainly create heated debates as well as be the center of attention!

If you need to get in character, you can read more facts about Queen Guinevere or check our several of the movie adaptations about her life.

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