Wicked Queen Elite Collection Adult CostumeYou spend your day looking at yourself in the mirror asking who is the fairest of them all. You are guilty of plotting to get rid of that goody two shoes pretty girl that everyone likes in the neighborhood. You find yourself looking for potions that you can dip your apple in or any fruit handy so you can poison your “Snow White.” You also cannot help reciting spells while you are cooking soup in the kitchen. It’s now time to call on your loyal subjects or minions while wearing a wicked queen costume.

If you do not want to scare the little kids in the neighborhood, you can say that you are wearing a Renaissance queen costume instead of a wicked queen costume. Whatever you call it, you’ll be able to display that air of elegance that the theatrical quality costume offers. In fact, the entire kingdom will be mesmerized by your beauty as you outwit them with your evil intentions.

The Wicked Queen Costume includes a full-length long sleeved gown with attached peplum and sweeping hem. The costume also includes a petticoat to add volume to the gown. It is advisable to wear a corset to give you that hourglass figure and highlight the silver lace trim along the sweetheart neckline.

The costume comes complete with a sequined crown with jewel accents and a coordinating lace choker. Add some dark make-up and there will be no mistake that you are an evil enchantress.

Evil Royal GobletAvailable in sizes medium, large and extra large, the Wicked Queen Costume is made of superior materials and trimmings along with true garment finishing. Include a wicked royal goblet and you’ll be able to walk around with your own wicked potion to cast spells on those who fail to recognize your rule.

This queen costume is not only suitable for Halloween parties (such as medieval themed parties), but can also be worn to a Renaissance Faire. You will literally feel like royalty and demand the respect of all those around.

So what are you waiting for? Grab a wicked queen costume and finally rule the throne as no one has done before you!

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